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Ease, Grace, Compassion

Reclaiming Harmony

Ease, Grace, Compassion

Reclaiming Harmony

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What We Offer
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Multi-Hand Energy Sessions

2 to 4 Practitioners Focused on Centering Energy Healing

Blended Energy Sessions

Combination of Craniosacral and Reiki Techniques

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  • Saturday: Appointment Only
  • Sunday: Closed
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Who Are We

Four women who have been friends and colleagues for 20 years who all live and work in the world of energy healing.

Energy Healing Services

Find Your Balance

Make Time For Yourself

About Us

4 Women who have known each other for over 20 years.

Our Hours

By Appointment Only
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Providing professional alternative health and wellness services to those locally in Southern Maine, Central and Southern New Hampshire, and Northern Massachusetts. Reiki Healing and Sound Therapy.

Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess, Sacred Being Filled with Divine, divine light and power

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