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Purveyor of Health and Wellness

Michelle Smith

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)
Craniosacral Therapy

Reiki techniques both use a light touch to follow and balance the flow of energy. Sometimes the energy is followed with hands above the body.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT™) is a unique set of techniques, approaches, and methodologies that address pain, dysfunction, disease, and disability.

CranioSacral Therapy is a light-touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in wellness. It releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.


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Michelle Smith is a Physical Therapist at Lighthouse Physical Therapy in Portsmouth, NH, and a purveyor of health and wellness at Reclaiming Harmony.

Michelle Smith’s enthusiasm for Physical Therapy goes back to the 6th grade when she was inspired by my father’s Physical Therapist, Mary Jo, who helped him to learn to walk again after a serious car accident. Michelle knew then that she wanted to pursue a career in Physical Therapy and she has never looked back!

Michelle Smith studied Physical Therapy at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME, and there earned her bachelor’s in Physical Therapy in 1984 after which my career adventures began when she discovered my passion for working with children and became NDT (Neuro-Developmental Techniques) certified in pediatrics in 1991.

The first 15 years of Michelle’s career were then centrally focused on serving the pediatric special needs and young adult brain-injured populations. Both challenging, as well as professionally and personally satisfying; these clients allowed her to “dig deeper” to find the foundational components of diseases in the various body systems while simultaneously realizing her foundational belief that our bodies can be, and are innately designed to be, self-healing when properly balanced.  This belief extends into all levels of our existence, including emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical.

During the last 35+ years, Michelle Smith continued to hone in on developing my manual therapy skills, with a focus on Craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release, and IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy). In addition to a life-long passion for working with adults and children, she has very much widened her scope to include working on all these levels of awareness (emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical).  The various areas of expanded education experience include Integrated Awareness, Reiki, and Mid-Atlantic Pathwork studies, and currently, Michelle is involved in the Mastering Alchemy program. 

In her spare time, Michelle is passionate about keeping an active lifestyle. Most Saturday nights you will find me on the dance floor at a local ballroom enjoying Latin, Smooth, Swing, Hustle dancing, and more! Michelle also loves connecting with nature via alpine skiing, snow-shoeing, kayaking, day-hiking, and travel as well as spending time ‘playing’ with my 10 nephews/grand nephews. Michelle is a “workshop junkie”, so in addition to professional Physical Therapy workshops, She enjoys Spiritual personal growth workshops and retreats. Finally, Michelle has a special interest in natural health, herbal remedies, and nutrition, but don’t worry I’ll rarely turn down a piece of yummy dark chocolate!

No matter whether it is work or play Michelle Smith believes life is meant to be joyful and fun and she seeks to let that attitude reverberate both inwardly and outwardly in all her relationships.



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P.O. Box 40, Canterbury, NH 03224
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